Boosting inclusive entrepreneurship

Project Interception is supported by Erasmus+ programme.

Space Rocket Blasting Off For New Ideas. Earth, space rocket, Moon and stars are made out of play clay (plasticine).
Happy group of multiracial young student friends working together recording radio podcast using microphone and laptop at home office. Teamwork and community concept with diverse people live streaming
Startup Business People Looking on Strategy Board Information Thoughtful

Social inclusion

Erasmus+ project Interception is about strengthening social inclusion through inclusive entrepreneurship.

Strengthening social inclusion

Potential will not be realised until everyone has an equal opportunity to start business and be success in self-employment.

Improving labour market attachment.

By helping people acquire skills and work experience, they also become more employable. This is a desirable outcome as entrepreneurship is not appropriate for all as a career path.

Inclusive entrepreneurship policies

aim to ensure that all people, regardless of their personal characteristics and background, have an equal opportunity to start and run their own businesses. This includes all types of businesses.